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 Global Representación Turística SL

Our goal:

Distributing railways since 2001, our main goal is to help clients facilitate their travel by train through Spain and Europe, thanks to our train ticket outlet online.

The representation of the national Spanish National Railways Renfe allows us to offer a varied range of routes high-speed trains, trains and regional trains distáncia media and international trains Lucitania (Spain – Portugal) trains from Spain to France, the Transcantabrico (luxury train) and the Trenhotel Andalus train.

We specialize in offering our customers the best way to meet their rail transportation needs in Spain, providing our services efficiently and effectively:

We offer:

Direct connection to the reservation system Renfe, offering the best deals and availability of real-time Spanish station.

Full post-sales support, thanks to our helpdesk service and our call center, where we will help you with everything you may need.

E-ticketing system in all RENFE tickets thanks to its speed and purchasing convenience. Book your tickets and download them immediately!

Get a personalized advice through our chat, offices or our call center.