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In this page you will find all the needed information to travel Spain by train.

If you would require more information, do not hesitate to contact us through our telephone number or through pur contact form.

It will be our pleasure to assist you

How do I book a train ticket?


Which trains can I book?

Through our website you can book all the spanish railways, except those journeys that have a connection in between (1 journey with more than 1 train).

All the trains that have a connection can be booked directly through our telephone number (XXXXXXXXX)  or our contact form

Which fares can I book?

Adult one way

Round trip within the same stations of origin and destination.

Validity of 1 year

20% discount  applied to each trip.

You can combine High speed trains, Mid and long distance trains

Any of the trips can be cancelled individually with a 40% penalty.


40% discount

High speed and long distance trains

Applicable to children between 4 and 13 years and kids under 4 years old that do need a seat.

A document of age certification (Passport/ID) will be needed to check the age of the children . Moreover the travel documentation of the legal tutor of the children, might be asked during the journey.

All the children under 4 yeards old that do not need to seat will not need to pay a ticket.

Promo fare

For High speed trains AVE, and long distance, it provide up to 70% discount on the full fare. This fares do not allow any changes nor cancellations.

Promo+ fare

For High speed trains AVE, and long distance, it provide up to 65% discount on the full fare.

Cancellations have a 30% penalty on relation to the ticket, any change will imply a 20% surcharge on the base ticket price.

In case that on the change,  the new ticket would be more expensive, the client would have to pay the difference.

If the he client would lose the train, this could hop on the next train by paying a surcharge of the 20%. Traveling in the same or infereior class as the first ticket that the client bough.

This fare allows to use the “Sala Club” room and the franchise parking lots.

Flexible fare

This fare allows a flexible cancellation with 5% penalty and free changes within the validity period.

In the uneven case that the new ticket would more expensive than the changed ticket, the client will have to pay the difference.

This fare is allowed in all classes. Moreover if the client loses the train, he will be able to board the next train, undert Renfe conditions, with no extra cost for the client.

Can I book a ticket for another person?

Sure you can. As soon as you have finalized the purchase you can send the reservation PDF confirmation to the person you have bought the ticket for. Or if you preffer you can send the reservation code to your friend, so he can print the ticket at the station machines.

What happen if I would lose my reservation ticket code?

Its fine, relax; you can print your ticket at the station machines as far as you have the credit card details that you used to buy the tickets. You will just need to follow the instructions and get your tickets.

When is the limit time to cancel my ticket?

You can cancel your ticket up to 90 minutes from the origin train departure.

When do I need to get to the station before the train departure?

The checking point closes 2 minutes before the train departure. Nontheless we recommend to be there 15 minutes in advance to go through the security check with no rush.

Which documents do I need to travel?

Once you have finalized the purchase process through our  website, we will send you a confirmation email. Attached to this email you will find the train ticket together with the Renfe confirmation code and all the information needed on regards to your reservation.

You will just have to print the ticket attachment.

Which payment methods are available?

We offer the most trusted & reliable payment methods such as Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, JBC, Union Pay and several other according each territory.  All of them under a secure & private environment.

Can I book a ticket 2 months in advance?

Renfe does not allow to sell tickets until 62 days before the train departure.

Can I select my seat?

Renfe will assign your seats upon availability. If you are travelling with more people, the seats will be asigned together.

You will find all the needed information on regards to your sitting within the confirmation email and the PDF ticket that we will send you once you have completed your booking.

Travelling with Children

Children can travel for free from the 2 weeks after beign born until 4 years old. Its only allowed 1 children for free for each travelling adult. Those children will need a “non paying ticket” that you will be able to get at the train station.

If you wish to seat you children with ages between 4 and 13 years olf, you will be able to buy a ticket with “kid fare” (Tarifa Niño) .

Children travelling alone

Its not allowed. Children under 13 years old will need to be accompained by their parents or adults legal tutors.

How many luggages can I board?

There is a maximum of 3 luggages allowed per person. The sum of all the bags will not exceed 20 Kg.

We also consider hand luggage:

- Folded pushchairs

- Musical Instruments

- Folded bickes

Can I travel with pets?

Yes, you can travel with small pets such as: dogs, cats, and some domestic birds, with maximum weight of 10Kg. You will need to bring with you  the legal documentation of your pets. Each passanger is only allowed to travel with 1 pet. This animal will have to be kept in a cage, not exceeding 60 x 35 x 35 cm.

The transport in “preferente” class is for free for the animal. Otherwise in the rest of the classes, you will have to pay 25% of the seat price. You will make the payment the same date of the trip, at the station. the fare selected is El transporte es gratuito en clase preferente.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you should have any questions on regards to this matter.

Renfe's website does not recongnize my confirmation code

Renfe’s website will not recognize your confirmation code since this reservation has been done in our website

With the confirmation email and the PDF ticket that we have sent you at your email, you have all what you need to travel.

In the case that you should have any doubt, do not hesitate to contact us.

Administration fees

We charge a total amount of 6€ as administration fees in order to be able to provide such a good aftersales service to our cliens, worldwide :)

Can I book the tickets over the telephone?

Sure you can, you can give us a call at XXXXXXX and we will make the reservation for you!

Can I book the tickets once I am inside the train?

No, its not possible to buy the tickets once you are inside the train. You must get into the train with a printer copy of you ticket. You will be able to get your ticket in PDF once you complete a reservation :)

Is there any discount if I get a round trip ticket?

Yes, this fares is dedicated to the those people travelling from and to the same origin and destination stations in a period of 1 year (including the date of issuing of the ticket).

The applied discount is 20% off the regular fare. And is available for AVE high speed, mid and long distance trains.


La formalización del viaje de regreso deberá efectuarse en el mismo momento de la compra del billete de ida, aunque podrá ser objeto de cambio posterior.

Will I receive the tickets on my email?

Yes, you will always receive the tickets on your emai once completed the payment. You will receive a PDF ticket attached that you will have to print in order to show at the station.

What can I do if I havent received my tickets in more than 24 hours?

First of all, please check your SPAM inbox. In the rare case that you could not find your ticket, please do contact us through our telephone number or contact form; We will be happy to send it back to you.

What can I do if my screen displays "no solution found for this train"

It means that there is no train with the route that you intend to book. It might be due to availability, or non existance of a train that would be covering this origin and destination. If you would have any doubt, do not hesitate to contact us.

Can I change the date & time of my ticket? Can I cancel my ticket?

You will be able to change or cancel your ticket through the link that you will find on the confirmation email and also on the confirmation page.

It will depend on the fare you have selected.

For further informatio please check our “FARES AND CLASSES” section located on the main menu.

You will find detailed information on all the fares and classes available and its changes and cancellation rules.

What can I do if I can not pay my ticket?

Please contact us through the telephone, contact form or live chat, and we will help you to finalize your booking.

What can I do if my internet disconnects during the payment?

Please contact us through our telephone number, contact form or live chat and we will check if the payment has gone through. If the payment has been done correctly we will send you the tickets. On the contrary we will assist you during the booking process to ensure that all works fine.

How can I validate a ticket at the station?

Renfe tickets do not need any validation. You will be able to trabel only with the printed PDF copy of the ticket that we will send to your email.

Why do I need the confirmation and ticket number?

The confirmation and ticket number will be the reference code that you will use if you would need to change or cancel your ticket.

You will be able to change or cancel your ticket through the link that we will send you in the confirmation email.

Why do I connect with my bank to make the payment?

We provide a private and secure payment solution from the hand of our bank secure payment gate. All the data will be kept confidential and all the numbers are directly processed by the bank secure payment gate. Todos los datos confidenciales que se generan al operar con el sistema están cifrados. Podrás comprobar que al realizar estas operaciones sensibles tu navegador indica que está trabajando contra un servidor seguro. Debes introducir el número de tarjeta, fecha de caducidad y titular de la misma.

Si tu tarjeta es VISA O MASTERCARD será validada mediante los sistemas de compra segura por Internet Verified by Visa y MasterCard SecureCode.

Estos sistemas son ofrecidos por el banco o caja emisora de su tarjeta, permitiendo verificar la identidad del titular de la tarjeta como paso previo al cargo del importe de la transacción. De esta manera se evita el uso fraudulento en caso de robo o pérdida de la tarjeta. En este caso la aplicación se pondrá en contacto con tu banco caja emisor de su tarjeta con alguno de estos dos distintivos que garantizan la seguridad de la operación. El banco o caja te pedirá que introduzcas una clave que te habrá asignado previa solicitud. Si no dispone de ella, dependiendo de la entidad, la podrás solicitar a través de Internet o en su sucursal bancaria. Realizado este trámite, una nueva pantalla describirá las características de la transacción para que, si estás conforme, procedas a realizar la operación.

When do I have to buy my ticket?

You can buy your tickets from the moment that they are available online. The availabilty of the trains wll be normally online 62 days before the train departure, some of them might be online 120 days before.

The limit time to buy the tickets is 90 minutes before the train departure.

What if I can not see or print my PDF ticket?

It might be that your Acrobat version is not the latest one. You will need at least Acrobat 6.0 to visualize your PDF ticket.

In any case, dont panic, You can print your tickets on the check in machines that are located on any station, just by providing the confirmation code or the credit card number that you used to make the reservation.

Where can I print my tickets?

Once you have bought the ticket you will just need to print your PDF document at home or you will also be able to print the ticket at the  station by using the check in machines.

We recomend to bring the ticket printed from home, however if you decide to print it at the station, you will have to insert the confirmation number or the credit card number that you used to buy the ticket. Then you will be able to print your ticket at the machine.

Is this a secure website?

Indeed, the payment of this website has been validated secure payment gates from Verified by Visa, Master Card Secure Code, 3D Secure, Paypal and other external anti-fraud security systems from the hand of Adyen. All those systems are provided by our bank secure payment gate.

All the credit card and personal details are kept in private through our bank payment gate and its a secure mode on each transaction.

If I am a disabled person, what can I do?

  • Renfe has special services called “Atendo”to help disabled people travel and move comfortably inside the stations. Please get in contact with us through our telephone number, live chat or contact form and we will organize the special assistance you require.

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